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DZP-250/400 Automatic High Speed Pillow Packing Machine

Short Description:

DZP-250/400 type multi-functional automatic high speed pillow model packaging machine is mainly used in medicine and food industries using lu: su packaging plate bag packaging, and played the moisture proof, dustproof, avoid light effect, while improving the product class and added value, use this machine than hand bag packaging cost saving 20% above, and can be connected with lu: su packaging machine, heat shrinkable packaging machine mechanical linkage production.

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Main Technical Specifications

Model DZP-250 DZP-400
Production Capability 30-150 PCS/ Min
Bag size (mm) L(60-190)*W(30-110)*H(5-40)mm L(60-190)*W(30-180)*H(5-60)mm
Max. width of film 250mm 400mm
Power supply AC220V 50Hz 2.4KW AC220V 50Hz 2.65KW
Weight 700kg 800kg
Overall dimension (mm) 3350*1800*650mm 3500*1800*800mm

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