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GBS series High Efficient Film Coating Machine

Short Description:

The GBS series high efficient sugar coating and film coating equipment is mainly used in pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries. This novel equipment, featured by high efficient, energy saving, safety, cleanliness and easy operation, is essential for sugar organic film, water soluble film coating of tablets, pills and sweets.

Product Detail

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1.The GBS series are made in compliance with the GMP standard in the pharmaceutical industry.
2.The case, coating drum, heat-air supplying cabinet and spray devices as well as every part in contact with medicine are wholly made of stainless steel.
3.The whole operation process is controlled either by a programming system of the microprocessor or manually, the control system has multi-functions of application programs, operation mode selection, drying control and multiple display.
4.Explosion-protection devices are also equipped for the organic solvent for organic film coating.
5.With closed operation, neither dust flying nor spray splashing will appear.
6.Coating medium spraying, drying and exhausting can be carried out simultaneously for film coating, the whole processing van be completed only in 1-2 hours and for sugar coating, in 4-5 hours.
7.Equipped with an automatic material charge and discharge device.

Main Technical Specifications

Model GBS-10 GBS-40 GBS-75 GBS-150 GBS-400
Max. load capacity (kg) 10 40 75 150 400
Cylinder dimension (mm) 580 820 950 1200 1580
Material’s inlet dimension (mm) 260 340 380 480 480
Roller speed (times/min) 3-25 3-20 3-18 3-18 3-15
Main machine power (kw) 0.55 1.1 1.5 2.2 3.0
Main machine weight(kg) 220 500 600 850 1000
Main machine overall size (L*W*H mm) 900*840*2000 1180*850*1530 1390*1050*1720 1770*1310*2200 2500*1700*2800

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