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GF series Pulverizer

Short Description:

The Pulverizer Set is adapted the vertical low raw material discharging equipment, it makes some raw materials with poor fluidity after broken can be discharged unblocked and no the phenomenon of accumulated powder.
Its principle of work is as follows: when raw material entered into the crushing chamber, it is broken under the impacting of movable and fixed gear disks that are rotated in high speed and then becomes the needed raw material through screen.
The pulverizer and duster are all made of qualified stainless steel. Its inner wall of the housing is smooth and level being processed through superior technology. Therefore it can make the powder discharging more flowing and is benefit to the work of clean too. The gear disk of high speed and movable teeth are welded through special welding, it makes the teeth is durable, safety and reliable. The machine is in conformity with the requirements of “GMP”.
Through balance test of gear disk with high speed. It is proved that even if this machine is rotated at high speed. It is stable and no vibration during the period of ordinary operation. Being adapted the interlock apparatus between gear disk with high speed and driving shaft, it is complete reliable in operation.

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Main Technical Specifications

  GF20B GF30B GF40B
Production capability 60-150 kg/h 100-300 kg/h 160-800 kg/h
Spindle Rotating Speed 4500 rpm 3800 rpm 3400 rpm
Powder Fineness 60-150 mesh 80-120 mesh 60-120 mesh
Feed Particle-Size <6mm < 10 mm <12 mm
Motor Power Pulverizer 4 kw Pulverizer 5.5kw Pulverizer 5.5kw

Wind machine 1.1kw Fan 1.1kw

Pulverizer 11 kw
Overall Dimensions   Pulverizer 1100*600*1650mm

Dust Collector 700*600*1300 mm

Net Weight 250kg 450kg 550kg

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