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Capsule Polishing Machine

Short Description:

This machine is a kind of novel pharmaceutical equipment. It conforms to the sanitary requirements in pharmaceutical industry, as shown to be that it improves the surface finish of capsules or tablets by polishing dusts on their surface via a stepless control speed motor.
The stainless steel mainframe resolves the shortcoming that the organic glass is easy to be out of shape.
The stainless mesh cover resolves the shortcoming that the traditional mesh cloth is easy to breed and need to change usually.
Equipped with variable frequency governor motor that can be suitable for polishing medicine of different varieties.

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications

Maximum Production Capability: 7,000 capsules per minute
Capasule Size: 0#,1#,2# standard capsule
Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz, 370W
Size: 1300*500*1200mm
Weight: 50kg

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