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HRD-100A High Speed Tablet Deduster

Short Description:

The high-speed tablet deduster adopts the principle of ompressed air purging, centrifugal dedusting and roller deburring and vacuum extraction to clean the powder attaching on the surface of tablet is clean and the edges are regular. It’s suitable for high speed dedusting for all kind of tablets. This machine can be linked directly to any type of high speed tablet press.

Product Detail

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1.The machine is designed to meet GMP standard and entirely made of stainless steel 304.
2.Compressed air sweep off the dust from engraving pattern and surface of tablet within a short distance.
3.Centrifugual de-dusting makes the tablet de-dusting efficiently. Rolling de-burring is a gentle de-burring which protects the edge of tablet.
4.The static electricity on surface of tablet/capsule can be avoided due to non-brushed airflow polishing.
5.Long de-dusting distance, dedusting and deburring are performed synchronously.
6.High output and high efficiency, thus it’s more suitable to handle big tablets, engraving tablets and TCM tablets, it can be linked to any high-speed tablet presses directly.
7.Service and cleaning is easy and convenient thanks to fast dismantling structure.
8.The tablet inlet and outlet can be adapted to any operating condition.
9.Infinitely variable driving motor allows the speed of screen drum adjustable continuously.

Main Technical Specifications

Electrical connections 220V,50HZ,1P/110V,60HZ,1P
Power input 100W max
Tablet size Φ5-Φ25mm
Drum speed 10-150rpm
Suction capacity 350m3/h
Compressed air 3bar(Without oil, water and dust-free)
Output(tab./h) 800000Φ6mm Round shape
Weight 35kg
Dimensions 750×320×1030mm

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