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Reason analysis and solution of insufficient hardness of tablet compressed by tablet press

In the daily operation of the tablet press, it is inevitable that the compressed tablet is not hard enough, which is a very distressing thing. Let us analyze the reasons and solutions for the uncompressed tablet.
(1)Reason: The amount of binder or lubricant is small or inappropriate, resulting in uneven distribution of particles, layering of coarse particles and fine particles, which cannot be overcome even if the pressure is increased during tableting. Solution: You can choose appropriate binder or increase the dosage, improve the granulation process, and mix the granules.
(2)Reason: The fineness of the medicine is not enough, and the content of fibrous, elastic medicine or oil is high and the mixing is uneven.
Solution: The drugs can be crushed into smaller pieces, the adhesive with strong viscosity can be selected, the pressure of the tablet press can be increased, the drug absorbent can be added with oil, and the methods can be fully mixed.
(3)Reason: the water content is not moderate, too little water or the dried particles have high elasticity, because the drug containing crystal water loses more crystal water during the drying of the particles, becoming brittle and easy to crack. However, if it is too large, the hardness becomes smaller.
Solution: The granulation process should control the water content according to different varieties. If the granules are too dry, spray an appropriate amount of dilute ethanol (50 -60 ), mix well and press into tablets.
(4)Reason: the physical properties of the drug itself. It is determined by brittleness, plasticity, elasticity and hardness. For example, the elastic material becomes smaller when compressed, and expands due to elasticity after decompression, so the tablet becomes loose.
Solution: Different drugs need to be controlled with different pressures and other excipients during tableting.
(5)Reason: mechanical factor. For example, the length of the punch is uneven, or the pressure adjustment is not appropriate, the speed of the tablet press is too fast, or the pellets in the hopper are fed too often.

Solution: The pressure of the tablet press can be adjusted, the punch head, the speed of the tablet press and the feeding speed can be adjusted.

Post time: May-25-2022