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Tablet Press Selection Guide

Tablet press is the core key equipment in the production process of solid preparations, so it is very important to choose a suitable tablet press. A tablet press is an important investment. It is a waste to buy a large machine, and it is not enough to buy a small machine, so it must be fully considered before purchasing.
Deciding which type of tablet press to buy can be a challenge for you, as you may be at a loss when faced with different brands, models and specifications of equipment. Rather than blindly buying a tablet press right away, consider the following factors before you decide.
First of all, you must carefully analyze your production situation. The tablet press you buy must not only meet the production output, but also be suitable for the tablets you are pressing. It is very important to choose a suitable machine according to the output and tablet requirements. Some small tablet machines can do it, but the output cannot be achieved; some equipment is suitable for pressing large tablets, and some equipment is suitable for pressing small tablets. These factors need to be considered comprehensively. For example, if I am an individual customer, with a small output and a small workplace, I will buy a small single punch tablet press or a small rotary tablet press.
At present, there are some special models of tablet presses, such as milk tablet presses for milk tablets, there are specific models for selection; for laundry effervescent tablets, there are also specific models of two-color tablet presses for selection, and of course the previous art powder Tablet press, mothball tablet press, etc.

Post time: May-25-2022