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Rxh (ct-c) warm Air Cycle Oven

Short Description:

It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry etc, It is used to bake and dehumidify wet raw material.
Its work principle is to make steam or electric heating air cycle in the oven. There is very low difference of temperature in each side of even .Meanwhile, fresh air will be supplied, hot and wet air will be discharged, so that it will keep proper temperature and humidity.
The user may choose a lot of heat source, steam, electric etc.
Temperature used :50-150℃ with steam heated ,50~350℃ with electric and far-infrared heated .
Steam pressure 0.02-0.8mpa (0.2-kg/cm2).
Electric heated power 15kw, 5-8kw/h (l).
Please let us know if the temperature you use is less than 60℃ or higher 140℃
Unified size of oven and plat, may be exchanged
The size of oven plate is 460×640×50mm

Product Detail

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The hot air circulation oven is equipped with a low noise and high temperature resistant axial flow fan. The entire circulation system is completely closed. Most of the hot air circulates in the oven, with high thermal efficiency. The oven is equipped with an adjustable air distribution board to dry the material evenly. The whole machine has low noise, balanced operation, and automatic temperature control. Easy installation and maintenance.

Uses And Features

The hot air circulation oven is a drying equipment with greater versatility for intermittent drying of trays. It is suitable for dehumidification and heating of finished materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, electronics and other industries.


1. The control cabinet adopts button control (touch-type control can also be made according to user requirements), which is more convenient to operate and prolongs the service life.
2. Most of the hot air circulates in the box, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving.
3. Using forced ventilation, there is an adjustable air distribution board in the box, and the material is evenly dried.
4. The whole machine has low noise, balanced operation, automatic temperature control, and convenient installation and maintenance.
5. It has a wide range of applications and can dry various materials. It is a general drying equipment.
6. The air inlet can be equipped with primary and medium-efficiency filters for users to use.

Main Technical Specifications

  RXH-5-C RXH-14-C RXH-27-C RXH-41-C RXH-54-C
Dry Quantity (Kg) 25 100 200 300 400
Power (kw) 0.45 0.45 0.9 1.35 1.8
Steam Used (kg/h) 5 18 36 54 72
Wind Power (m3/h) 3400 3400 6900 10350 13800
Temperature Difference ℃ ±2 ±2 ±2 ±2 ±2
Oven Plate 16 48 96 144 192
Size(L*W*H, mm) 1550×1000×2044 2300×1200×2300 2300×1200×2300 2300×3220×2000 4460×2200×2290
Remarks Single door Single dolly Double door Double dolly Double door four dolly Double door Six dolly Six door Eight dolly

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