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DPP-260S ALU/PVC & ALU/ALU Blister Packing Machine

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DPP-260S ALU/PVC & ALU/ALU Blister Packing Machine adopts frequency control of motor speed and machine, electricity, light, gas integration of automatic control technology and strictly in accordance with the pharmaceutical industry “GMP” requirements for innovative design. This machine has detection take waste, photoelectric automatic photoelectric graphic on edition, stroke of servo traction adjustable, fission machine combination, the modular structure, alumnum.aluminum/aluminum/plastic, and many other functions. We continuum to improve, update and make its comprehensive performance reaches the domestic leading level, the technology to fill the domestic blank, compared with imported equipment more practicability and economy.

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Main Technical Specifications

Item Unit Specification
Packing Material Cold form Alu mm (0.09-0.15)*260
  PTP Alu foil   (0.02-0.05)*260
  Pharmacy PVC   (0.2-0.4)*260
Capacity: Standard Card (80mm*57mm)*4 Row Cycle/min ALU/ALU:40 ALU/PVC:60
Range of stroke mm 40-120
Max. forming area mm 250*120
Max. forming depth mm ALU/ALU:13 ALU/PVC:18
Power Supply AC380V, 50Hz, 6.5kw
Clean compressed air (pressure) Mpa 0.6-0.8
Air consumption Stere/min ≥0.3
Water Chiller consumption for moulds (Tap water or recycle water) L/h 60
Overall dimension (L*W*H) mm 4200*750*1700
Net weight kg 2000

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