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Jfz-550b Grinding And Granulating Machine

Short Description:

The raw material is first poured into the grinding machine and separated by the cone shaped sieves. The rotating cutter stirs up the material in a swirling motion; the raw material particles are then drawn towards the mesh of sieves by centrifugal force. the high-speed rotation of the cutter and the mesh work simultaneously to slice the materials. The particles are crushed into a small powdered state and are ejected out of the pores of the sieves. The size of the powder is determined by the mesh number of the sieve, the distance between the rotating cuter and the sieve, and the rotating speed.

Product Detail

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Features few dust, little heat, low noise, easy to clean, small in size, uniform in pellet size, high efficiency and rotation speed, wide range of speed control, integrating use. And it has such advantage as dealing with materials with great stickness and heat sensitive, low flow, high moisture as well as resinoid and oil material etc. Besides, it has characteristics such as wide range of pellet mashes.

Main Technical Specifications

Max Output 50--550Kg/h
Power 2.2Kw
Speed scope 60--2850R/min
Granularity 6~80(Mesh)
Overall Size 960×500×1120mm(L×W×H)
Weight 100Kg

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