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YH17 YH20 Powder Forming Machine

Short Description:

This machine is a latest kind of special equipment used for powder forming in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, electronic, food and light industry. The powdered material can be pressed into various shapes with different moulds used.

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It is a kind of efficient and fast two-way automatic forming machine, which can perform the functions of automatic feeding, forming, tableting and continuous operation. The maximum working capacity is 12000 pieces per hour. The speed of work head can function through stepless speed regulation, which can be changed according to material so as to obtain the best quality. The forming pressure can be adjusted within 25 tons and the maximum feeding depth is 57mm. This machine features compact structure, good adaptability, and convenient adjustment and maintenance.

Main Technical Specifications

Model YH17 YH20
Number of Stations 17 20
Max Main Pressure (KN) 250
Max Tablet Diameter (mm) 50 40
Max Filling Depth (mm) 70 57
Max Tablet Thickness (mm) 32 25
Max Turret Speed (r/min) 12
Max Production Capacity (pcs/h) 12240 14400
Motor Power (kw) 7.5
Overall Size (mm) 1660×1220×1870
Machine Weight (kg) 3800

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