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Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Short Description:

This machine is applicable for medicine, health food, food, cosmetics, tobacco etc. As the cluster wrapping for small ox and substitute box, it is a newly and ideal wrapping machine for medicine and health food with high quality wrapping demand. Cellophane Wrapping Technology is one of the most advanced wrapping technologies in the current market. Adopting Italian advanced technology, the products has reached the international advanced level and obtained national patent. The machine can automatically finish the whole process of wrapping, feeding, folding, hot sealed, counting, and affixing the antifogging pull line. Transparent film is completely packed outside the box. A packed goods applying this machine is beautiful and unconventional in exterior. Beneficial to improve product packing grade and additive valve, also ensure the packed products sealed, moisture proof, antipollution. The instant sealed technology is pioneer in the domestic.

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Main Technical Specifications

Model TCGB-3
Packing Speed 10-30 boxes/min
Dimensions available for packing operation (mm) L(340-60)*W(240-40)*H(125-20)
Cellophane PVC or BOPP
Diameter of inner hole Φ75mm Thickness 0.021-0.028mm
Width Optional based on the dimensions of packing box
Temperature of sealing 100-140℃
Power Supply 380V/50Hz/3 Phase
Total powder 2.2KW
Work pressure 0.6MPa
Integrated noise <69Db(A)
Dimensions 1600*700*1660mm
Weight of machine 600KG

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