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ZP31H ZP29H ZP27H Rotary Tablet Press

Short Description:

This machine is a double-press type continuous automatic tablet press machine for pressing granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemistry, foodstuff, and electronic industries and suitable for making large size tablets.

Product Detail

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1.Double press type with high productivity, suitable for making big size tablets.
2.Made of stainless steel, the housing is fully closed. The surface of the rotary turret is covered with a hardened layer so that the turret surface is wear resistant. The machine conforms to GMP requirements.
3.Adopt transparent windows, tableting state can be observed clearly. The windows can be opened, cleaning and maintenance is easy.
4.The machine can stop automatically in case of overpressure.
5.Speed adjustable, operation simple and reliable.

Main Technical Specifications

Model ZP31H ZP29H ZP27H
Number of Stations 31 29 27
Max Main Pressure (KN) 100
Max Tablet Diameter (mm) 25
Max Filling Depth (mm) 15
Max Tablet Thickness (mm) 6
Max Turret Speed (r/min) 30
Max Production Capacity (pcs/h) 111600 104400 97200
Motor Power (kw) 5.5
Overall Size (mm) 1140×1000×1650
Machine Weight (kg) 1850

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