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ZPW500H series Multi-functional Rotary Tablet Press

Short Description:

It is a new type double-sided multi-functional tablet press machine, which can press hard-forming raw material into big size tablets, such as milk tablets, effervescent tablet, calcium tablet, dishwashing tablet, salt tablet, etc.
This machine can produce round shape tablet, ring shape tablet and double color tablet. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemistry, foodstuff, electronic industries.

Product Detail

Product Tags


1.PLC and touch screen control, all the running parameter can be set and shown.
2.Adopt double-sided structure, high output and high pressure.
3.Adopt variable frequency motor, increase the torque in low speed.
4.Install the pressure sensor inside the pressure roller shaft, show the actual pressure during work.
5.Adopt planar double-enveloping worm gear technology, large lord and high stable.
6.Automatic oil & grease central lubrication system, ensure the lubrication of pressure rollers, tooling and tracks, extending the working life of the machine.
7.Adopt electromagnetic clutch device, improve machine starting torque.
8.After some change, this machine can also make double color tablets (optional).
9.After some change, this machine can also adopt force feeder device (optional).

Main Technical Specifications

Model ZPW27H ZPW33H ZPW41H
Number of Stations 27 33 41
Max Main Pressure (KN) 200
Max Tablet Diameter (mm) round tablet 40 30 20
Max Filling Depth (mm) 35 35 35
Max Turret Speed (r/min) 15 20 28
Max Production Capacity (pcs/h) 48600 79200 138000
Motor Power (kw) 15 13 13
Overall Size (mm) 1360×1050×1848
Machine Weight (kg) 3800

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