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CX30T&CX45T Hydraulic Tablet Press

Short Description:

The Hydraulic press machine is newly developed tablet press which is used to produce big tablets from granular or powder material. It can be used to produce disinfectant tablets, salt tablets, detergent tablets, camphor ball, bath salt, ceramics tablets and so on.
It is suitable for big tablets which require high pressure high density and high precision, while a multi-chip module can be used for large-scale production industries, it is easy to install and exchange the mould.
All actions are controlled by microcomputer. So it is available to adjust the press time, pressure, and thickness of tablets.
The entire hydraulic system is imported abroad, with high stability, and avoids oil leaking and polluting, It also can ensure the pressure is enough.

Product Detail

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Main Technical Specifications

Item CX30T CX45T
Maximum Pressure (Ton) 30 45
Maximum Diameter of Tablet (mm) 100 120
Maximum Thickness of Tablets (mm) 20 30
Production Capacity (stroke/min) 3-5 3-5
Motor (kw) 5.5 7.5
Overall Size (L*W*H) (mm) 1650*1100*1750 1800*1300*2100
Net Weight  (kg) 1300 1700

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